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Childhood Vaccinations

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This page was last updated on September 3, 2001.
misc.kids Childhood Vaccination FAQ, Part I (General information and vaccination schedules)
misc.kids Childhood Vaccination FAQ, Part II (Information on the diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, rubella, mumps, polio, HiB, and hepatitis B vaccines)
misc.kids Childhood Vaccination FAQ, Part III (Information on the influenza, chicken pox, hepatitis A, rotavirus, meningitis, and pneumococcus vaccines, various travel vaccines, and references for the FAQ)
misc.kids Childhood Vaccination FAQ, Part IV (Parents' stories)

American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule
The Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board findings on hepatitis B vaccine, and demyelinating disorders including MS, September, 1998.

Vaccine highlights Latest recommendations and schedules is a site maintained by the Immunization Action Coalition.

Immunization, Vaccines, Vaccination in the Modern World is a site authored and maintained by Lon Morgan, chiropractic orthopedist, with a collection of information about vaccinations, including vaccine development, vaccine effectiveness, vaccine safety, and recent news about vaccines.

What's Your State Doing? is a site maintained by the Immunization Action Coalition which documents state vaccination laws for school and daycare entry related to the varicella and hepatitis B vaccines.

CDC's MMWR Weekly article of April 2, 1999, on "Impact of Vaccines Universally Recommended for Children -- United States, 1990-1998."

An article from Pediatric News about thimerosal in vaccines can be accessed here.

As of July 31, 1996, a new acellular pertussis vaccine has now been approved for all shots in the pertussis series. To see CDC information about this vaccine, check out the CDC's DTP/DTaP Vaccine Information Sheet

Other recent AAP, AAFP, FDA, CDC, or ACIP statements related to vaccines include:

There are some governmental resources which may be of particular interest to you: